Terms and Conditions

  • Application Forms, which do not carry your ABP code, are not considered into your account.
  • ABP is not supposed to accept the exam fee in the form of cash from schools/students.
  • Keep in touch with the organization by providing up to date information regarding your canvassing effort by sending weekly reports. It is mandatory to send the weekly report sheets regularly.
  • Weekly report is the vital link for updating your effort at head quarters. If you send the weekly reports at the end of the year, we will not consider it into your account. • ABP should not promote similar exams of other organizations directly/indirectly. This is a very important criterion for promoting OAT exams effectively.
  • Please fill in all the fields given in the Associate Business Partner Form.
  • Sign & Seal the ABP form & E-mail the scanned copy to info@TTHF.in.
  • Once ABP form is received, acknowledged and counter signed by TTHF authority, TTHF will send ABP ID and promotional materials.
  • Sending ABP Form is no guarantee of award of association. The received ABP Form will be reviewed and evaluated by team for suitability.
  • There can be more than one associate by TTHF in a city/town.
  • The Intent for Association shall be considered on experience and skill basis.
  • Such association, if awarded, shall neither mean entitlement of representing TTHF in any form other than intended nor committing admissions on behalf of TTHF.
  • Both parties shall keep any and all data (including student data, school data, test papers, collateral designs etc.) and any information of whatever nature concerning the business, finances, know-how, customers, suppliers, processes or affairs of the other Party completely confidential. Parties agree not to disclose or otherwise make available the same to any third party without the prior written consent of the other Party.
  • Either Party may terminate this association with or without cause by giving one month notice to the other party.
  • Full and final settlement will be done after completion of academic year.
  • In case of fraudulent found, TTHF will terminate the association with immediate effect.
  • This agreement is valid for the academic year 2018-19.
  • Refundable security deposit of INR 5000 is mandatory in the form of cheque/Demand Draft/NEFT transfer. It will be refunded on the minimum revenue generation of INR 50,000 in one academic year.
  • In case of any Legal Disputes, the jurisdiction of Court of Mumbai shall be final.

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ACCEPTANCE LETTER For Associate Business Partner

Theme of the Organization:
TTHF is an iconic organization and hallmark of global excellence, pioneering into the realm concerning national interest making all efforts to tap the versatile talent at grass root level. Since inception organization has grown both in grace and grandeur and firmly believe that from it portals will emerge ‘Leaders of Nation’, Scientists, Bureaucrats, Sportsmen, Researchers, Creative writers, Artists, Corporate honchos, Mountaineers, Cosmonauts and Olympic champions etc who will demonstrate the essence of talents by vindicating the faith and vision of the organization. Their achievements will be showcased in every echelon of the nation.


  1. Approach head of the schools/institutions and teachers to introduce the TTHF in their schools and motivate their students to participate in this examination.
  2. Liasoning between the Schools and TTHF to ensure smooth progress of the contest.
  3. Developing healthy relationship with school.
  4. Facilitating TTHF all the activities for conducting contest.
  5. Ensuring smooth progress for conducting contest.
  6. Responsible for all follow-up activities.
  7. Responsible for getting critical feedback from the partners and students.
  8. Regular reporting to the authorized person at Head Office.
  9. Help us in arranging the Test Centre and conducting the examination. (We will bear the examination expenditure) If required.
  10. Arrange invigilators in all the test centres in your area for the smooth conducting of the examination. If required.
Date of Birth
Residence Phone No.
Office Phone No.
Mobile No.
I would like to act as an Associate Business Partner at (Name of the City/Town):

I am accepting your terms and conditions given of this Acceptance Letter. I would like to act as a Associate Business Partner for the TTHF.

I/We undersigned, hereby assure that the information given above is true & correct to the best of my knowledge. I have understood and agreed that any misrepresentation or concealment of facts will justify the denial/ cancellation of my association & at any stage of TTHF and further. I have understood all the details and particulars & would abide by all terms & conditions of TTHF. In any matter concerning TTHF, the decision of Managing Director of Talent Treasure Hunt Pvt. Ltd. shall be final & binding to me/us.

I agree all Terms & Conditions
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