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About Talent Treasure Hunt Pvt. Ltd.

TTHF is an organization pioneering into the realm concerning national interest making all efforts to tap the versatile talent (academics and sports) at grass root level. Since inception organization has grown both in grace and grandeur and firmly believe that from it portals will emerge 'Leaders of Nation', Sciencists, Bureaucrats, Sportsmen, Researcher, Creative writers, Artists, Corporate honchos, Olympic champions etc. whi will demonstrate the essence of talents by vindicating the faith and vision of the organization. Their acheivements will be showcased in every echelon of the nation.

The endeavour at the organisation will be to continuously upgrade the competetion methodologies and infrastructure with the help of OAT tools to extract the best talent, expose him/her to competition & bench-marking to the world and making of 'would be' great personalities in their respective field, steering the national cause.

Introducing TTHF- Olympiad Aptitude Test (OAT)

OAT is a comprehensive contest of Science, Maths, English and Logical reasoning on single platform to all students irrespective to caste, creed, religion and region to compete with each other at highest level to discover hidden talent treasure.

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