National adventurous tour at Satpura Jungle, Pachmarhi

Talent Treasure Hunt Pvt. Ltd. (TTHPL), Mumbai, MH. with the support of Bharat Scout and Guide National Adventure Institute, Pachmarhi, M.P. organizing Adventure cum Training tour for seven days.

Adventure is not only for fun and entertainment but also an education. To be with nature in its present form is an utmost desire in our life. It surely satisfies our desires to be with nature for which we aspire. Pachmarhi provides such a multitude of natural attraction and its spell is so deep that one cannot resist the temptation of visiting again and again to this land.

S.No. Prog. No. and Name of Event No. of Days From To Last date of Registration
1 350th NAP 07 1st Oct. 2016 7th Oct. 2016 15th Sept. 2016
2 351st NAP 07 14th Oct. 2016 20th Oct. 2016 30th Sept. 2016
3 352nd NAP 07 2nd Nov. 2016 8th Nov. 2016 16th Oct. 2016
4 353rd NAP 07 16th Nov. 2016 22nd Nov. 2016 1st Nov. 2016
5 354th NAP 07 28th Nov.2016 4th Dec. 2016 13th Nov. 2016
6 355th NAP 07 15th Dec. 2016 21st Dec. 2016 1st Dec. 2016

Note: Minimum required participants all together for the proposed trip is 70 and maximum 500 including escorts. Organisation reserves right to cancel the trip if minimum numbers of participants is not fulfilled or for any unforeseen circumstances which is beyond the control of the organisation. In such cases either the participants will be refunded full amount without interest or can be adjusted in a next trip if requested through email.

Who can Participate?

It is open to all the members of Educational Institutes, Adventure Clubs, Corporate Sector, Non Government Organisations and Group of Individuals who are interested in adventurous activities for the age group 12 to 45 years who is medically and physically fit and who can bear the strain of trekking for 12 K.M. per day.


Tentative Programme may be trekking to Bee Fall, Apsara Vihar, Chauragarh, Mahadev, Pandav Caves, Jatashankar, Rajendra Giri, Handikhoh, Dutches fall, Reech Garh & Lot shrung, etc. Besides this, Horse Riding, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Rifle Shooting, Pistol Shooting, Archery, Obstacle Crossing, & Boating etc. Daily Camp Fire at night is the entertainment of the programme. (Institute reserves the right for any changes in the programme schedule.)

The participants will bring following materials with them.

  1. Two No. of Stamp size colour photograph (recent one).
  2. Water bottle, Plate (Thali), Glass or Mug, Spoon, Torch, Lunch Box etc.
  3. Note book, Pen, First Aid Kit, Cold Cream and Odomas, Thread and Needle etc.
  4. Hunter / Sport Shoes, Extra Pairs of Socks & Slippers.
  5. Woolen Jersay or thick jackets, Sleeping bag / Blankets, Warm Cloths for winter, ruckshak, bedsheet, full sleeves T. Shirt/ cotton shirts, cotton pants/ Jeans, P-Cap, Jungle boots or good sport shoes, 2 pair of cotton shocks and Track- Suits extra wearing cloths and costumes for cultural items. Temperature in Pachmarhi during winter (November to February) will be very cold. Bedding and warm clothing may be brought accordingly.
  6. Toilet Gears including toilet requisites, nail cutter, adhesive plaste, water purifying tablets.
  7. MALARIA TEST REPORT (Test done within a week before departure) has to be brought by individual failing which admission will not be given.
  8. Any other items as per the need of the Individual.


Talent Treasure Hunt Pvt Ltd and Bharat Scouts and Guides takes every care of the participants sincerely, but Talent Treasure Hunt Pvt Ltd, Mumbai and the Bharat Scouts and Guides, National Adventure Institute, Pachmarhi will not be held responsible for any accident, illness or injury during the programme. The escorts should take extra care of their students/ colleagues/ participants before the camp, during the camp and after the camp.


Participants who have successfully completed the national adventure programme will be awarded ‘Certificate of Merit’ by TTHPL and Bharat Scout & Guides.

Risk management & safety measures:

Extensive and painstaking preparations have gone into the planning of adventure programmes for ensuring the safety of the participants. BSG field staff and experienced instructors have been visiting the areas to check all details. Every care is taken for each participant regarding the programme, accommodation, food, water sanitation etc. Even then the TTHPL and the BSGNA Institute will not be responsible for any unforeseen event that may occur during the programme.


Participants are insured by the Bharat Scout and Guide National Adventure Institute for the whole programme days.

Medical facility:

During the programme, medical facilities will be made available round the clock by BSGNA Institute.


Pukka toilet block with geyser facilities is provided separately for male and female participants and staff. Daily spray is done in toilet blocks.


Tent accommodation is provided to the participants on raised cement platforms with mosquito nets. Every day Anti Mosquito Spray is done in the evening.


Nutritious cooked food is served to the participants keeping in view the food habits of all parts of the Country. Vegetarian & Non vegetarian food is served. In addition to this the facility of tea/Coffee, aqua guard and water cooler too are there.

Recreational activities:

Institute has well furnished dining hall, colour tv set, cd player.

Equipment shop:

Equipment & Literature, P-cap, T-shirts, will be available at NAI/NTC office on sale.

Special instructions:

  1. We protect wild life & nature.
  2. This is an environmental friendly programme, participants should not litter any rappers excepts at specified places in case they find any wrapper of plastic bag containing something left by others on the way, they should carry the same with them to deposit in the camp site.
  3. Registration can be made for any programme any month selection will be made first come first served basis.
  4. Fee includes expenses on food, accommodation, equipment, first aid, insurance and other training expenses during the programme.


  1. Medical Check-up should be done strictly. All participants should take T.T. Injection before they depart for the camp.
  2. Camp Doctor will provide medical assistance and general medicines will be available in First Aid Box. Extra medicines for individuals will be purchased by the concerned.
  3. Accommodation will be in tents only.
  4. Escorts should remain with participants at all times.
  5. Without selection letter participants will not be admitted in the camp.
  6. BSNL, Vodafone & Idea network is available in Pachmarhi.
  7. Pachmarhi is a polythene free area and during our Programme all the participants are helping in cleaning of the visited spots by removing polythene and wrappers etc. Hence no one should bring polythene with them.

Detailed Itinerary for Adventurous Trip at National Scouts and Guides

Adventurous Tour Fees:

  • Adventurous Camp Fee Rs. 11,500 per head (sleeper class)
  • Adventurous Camp Fee Rs. 16,500 per head ( III AC)


    • This calculation is based as on 1st June 2016 train fare rates. Any hikes in train fare will lead to subsequently hike in the camp fee rate.
    • This fees is applicable from Mumbai to Pipariya. From any other destination to Pachmarhi the price package will vary so, kindly contact us.)

  1. A fee once paid is non–refundable/ non transferable in any circumstances.
  2. The Demand Draft of State Bank of India should be in favour of “Talent Treasure Hunt Pvt. Ltd.” payable at State Bank of India, Mumbai, IFS Code No. SBIN0016719.
  3. The Fee can also be deposited directly by Cheque(subject to clearance)/ Cash to Talent Treasure Hunt Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, Bank Account No. 34637500338 (IFS Code SBIN0016719), State Bank of India with intimation to TTHPL. Bank Pay-In-Slip should be sent to TTHPL, Mumbai along with the applications.
  4. Total fee will cover all expenses on programme such as Travel, Food, Accommodation and Training. Booking will be made on ‘First come first serve basis’.
  5. Selection letter will be sent on receipt of Camp Full Fees of Rs. --------- per head along with list of participants (with Name, Age and Sex). Duly filled Application form, Medical certificate & Risk Certificate should be submitted to us before the last date of submission to the organisation otherwise their application will be rejected. (All forms are mandatory).
    (Note: All three forms are attached as annexure in pdf form).
  6. One Escort must be deputed for the group of 35 participants for schools/ institutions.
  7. Lady escort must be deputed with the female participants. Escorts should also register and pay the full fee along with Application, Medical Certificate. No one is permitted for this tour without registration and Medical certificate.

Wishing you a happy adventurous programme and looking forward to meet you during the programme.

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For further information:
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