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Olympiad Aptitude Test (OAT): 2020-2021   Know More

Talent Treasure Hunt Foundation (TTHF) is an iconic organization and hallmark of global excellence, pioneering into the realm concerning national interest making all efforts to tap the versatile talent at grass root level, expose them to competition and bench-marking to the world and making of ‘would be’ great personalities in their respective fields steering the national cause.. The endeavor at the organization is to continuously upgrade the competitive methodologies with the help of flagship programme OAT.


TTHF will connect all the schools to provide a single platform wherein all the beneficiaries can actively participate to steer the national cause.


TTHF on one side of the platform is providing ‘OAT’ wherein student can gauge themselves and horn their skills for their bright future and on other side of the platform will connect with different stakeholders who will lend their support to these talented young guns in their respective capabilities.


TTHF philosophy will be to extract the versatile young talent from nook and corner of the country irrespective of their backgrounds; will expose them to competition & bench-marking to the world and making of ‘would be’ great personalities.

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